User Account Help


Usage of the portal requires a valid user account identified by an email address and a password. These accounts can be created by one of following ways:

Self-Registration (Purchase)

When you purchase a Moticon software license (together with other Moticon hardware) we will send you registration information for self-registration of a user account. This information consists of a 5-digit customer key and 10-character registration code.
With this code you can perform the self-registration as follows:

If you cannot find your customer key and/or registration code or if the registration credentials are not valid then please contact for assistence.

Self-Registration (Trial)

Moticon offers a free time-limited trial to explorer the functionality of the Moticon Desktop Software for insole data aquisition and gait analysis. To register as a trial user please follow the steps below:

Manual Registration by Moticon Support staff

Moticon portal accounts can also be manually created on-demand by Moticon Support staff members, for example during initial setup of existing customers. Customers should check their mailboxes for notification emails from Moticon informing about the creation of the Moticon portal account.

Inside this mail you will find a welcome message, an activation link and initial password. Once you receive your activation mail, please continue with Section Activation below.

If you are a Moticon customer and did not yet receive your activation mail then please check your SPAM folders. If you still cannot find the mail then please contact for assistence.


Once you are successfully registered you need to activate your account to validate your email address and set your personal password. After registration (self-registration or manual registration (see above)) you should have received an activation mail containing an activation link and initial password. If you did not yet receive your activation mail then please check your SPAM folders. Please follow these steps to activate your account:

You can now login to the customer portal at

If you experience problems during the activation of your account then please contact for assistence.


After you have successfully registered and activated your Moticon Portal account (see above) you can login at

If you forgot your password please use the link Problems signing in? to initiate the password recovery process:

If you still experience problems during the password recovery please contact for assistence.